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the Nautilus Food group

In just over 25 years, Nautilus Food has become the European leader in canned crustaceans. Building on its expertise in seafood products, the group has its own smoked fish production plant in Bouchemaine (49).

How? By meticulously selecting the best products, to guarantee our consumers an unforgettable taste experience. Discover a dynamic SME on a human scale, where the talent of its 75 employees can express itself.

nautilus group brands

At Nautilus, our expertise and know-how enable us to offer consumers a wide variety of products through our 8 brands and 1 partner brand:

key figures

Sales of canned crustaceans in France
distribution channels Retail, Foodservice, Organic retail, Factory shop and E-commerce

our commitments

  • Taste at the heart of our priorities: The original flavour and texture of our seafood products are preserved to guarantee optimum quality.
  • Fewer additives: Nautilus preserves are among those containing the fewest additives on the market.
  • A fair offer: No mixing of species, a fair and honest offer to consumers.

An SME, our strength:

  • Proximity to our customers, our consumers and our sourcing.
  • A close-knit, responsive team, for fast, efficient decision-making.

Nautilus is committed to preserving our planet's resources:

  • Products from sustainable fishing are favoured.
  • Many of our products are MSC-certified.
  • For more information on the MSC Sustainable Fishing label, go to

our values


The quality of our products is what drives us


A relationship of trust and cohesion within our team


Constantly innovating and challenging itself

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