Nautilus Chef

Le plus précieux du monde sous-marin

Nautilus Chef Story

Nautilus Chef is the brand for out-of-home catering.

Meant for chefs, discover a wide range of quality fresh, frozen and sterilized seafood products, available to professionals to ensure the success of everyday seafood preparations.

Thanks to our expertise in triple temperature control, we can offer the right solution for every need:

  • Quality: a rigorous selection of raw materials to guarantee the excellence and success of your dishes, whatever the occasion
  • Quantity: with a variety of formats to suit different uses and catering needs
  • Storage: different shelf lives depending on temperature and different packaging for optimum storage and use

Our expertise comes from the development of our industrial partners, who have been selected extremely rigorously, giving preference to factories that comply with recognized and valued standards.

To ensure traceability throughout the supply chain, we have introduced strict specifications with our suppliers and regularly monitor compliance with our requirements.

Thanks to this expertise, Nautilus Chef products will meet all your expectations and creative desires!




The culture of taste

Our commitment to chefs is to provide them with high-end products that preserve their original flavor and texture thanks to perfect mastery of the manufacturing processes.

The choice of quality

At the heart of the market and at the heart of the fishing grounds, we develop product ranges tailored to the expectations of consumers and professionals alike.

Preserving marine ressources

We are committed to preserving marine resources and respect the fishing seasons to ensure sustainable exploitation of the oceans.

Did you know?

The prawn (Metapenaeopsis spp) offered under the Nautilus Chef brand belongs to the Penaeidae family. Species in this genus are mainly found in tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean.

These prawns are benthic, which means that they live close to the seabed, often buried in sand or mud. They feed mainly on small organisms and detritus in the substrate, which they capture with their specialized appendages.

Prawns of the genus Metapenaeopsis are of significant economic importance in commercial fisheries, particularly in Southeast Asia, where they are often caught for their tasty meat. They are also being studied in the field of aquaculture, with a view to their rearing and production as a food resource.


Labels and certifications

Protecting our health and our environment are increasingly important concerns for consumers. That is why we offer products made with organic ingredients to meet our consumers' expectations.
A preferential selection of MSC-certified products from sustainable, well-managed fisheries.
A selection of ASC-certified products from environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture with traceability.
Some of our smoked salmon are Label Rouge certified, ensuring a higher level of quality than other similar products and therefore better taste.