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Marché de la Mer Story

An e-commerce site dedicated to seafood, Marché de la Mer offers you high-end products, hand-picked and delivered fresh anywhere in France!

Born out of the observation that it is hard to find your way around seafood these days, we have put together a selection of the best products for you. Traditional or wild, Label Rouge or organic, there is for everyone’s taste.

From fresh crabmeat in a jar to 1.3 kg smoked salmon fillet, find here unique products in atypical formats, usually reserved for restaurants!


Did you know?

Salted with Guérande salt at the Atelier Saumextra, the premium salmon is then hung vertically using a "string" before being dried and smoked over beechwood.

String-smoked salmon is a traditional method of smoking salmon that dates back to the days when fishermen used strings to hang fish in smokehouses. Today, this technique is still used to smoke salmon and give it a unique, authentic flavour. The species most commonly used for smoking are maple, beech and oak. The type of wood used can influence the taste and aroma of the smoked salmon.

The end result is a smoked salmon with a firm texture and a subtle smoky, salty flavour. It also removes more of the fat (3 to 4%) than conventional smoking. The result? A drier salmon that develops all the smoked flavours we love so much.

Labels and certifications

Protecting our health and our environment are increasingly important concerns for consumers. That is why we offer products made with organic ingredients to meet our consumers' expectations.
A preferential selection of MSC-certified products from sustainable, well-managed fisheries.
A selection of ASC-certified products from environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture with traceability.
Some of our smoked salmon are Label Rouge certified, ensuring a higher level of quality than other similar products and therefore better taste.