Prêt à Fumer

Seafood to be smoked in your store

Prêt à Fumer Story

Since 2016, Nautilus Food has been a forerunner in the smoking sector thanks to its innovation, the Ready to Smoke.

This is a turnkey solution to the preparation, labour and time challenges faced by shops wishing to offer home-made smoked products.

First, the noble fish is processed in our workshops by our master curers: salting, drying and part of the smoking process. Then, the smokehouse controller of the store carries out the final stage of smoking the fish to his or her liking.

The result is a quality own-brand product that saves time for the shop, simplifies the process and guarantees consistent product quality, making for a differentiated offering that builds customer loyalty.




Our expertise in salting, drying and smoking fish means we can offer you this unique concept.


We are committed to carefully selecting our fish to guarantee the exceptional quality and flavour of our products.

Innovate & Support

Propose innovative products and recipes and provide support for our customers.

Did you know?

The mackerel is a fish belonging to the Scombridae family. It is widely widespread in the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. It is a migratory fish, making long journeys in search of food and breeding grounds.

This fish is known for its streamlined silhouette and shiny skin with characteristic blue and green stripes. It also has a well-developed dorsal fin and small pelvic fins. The mackerel has an agile and powerful body, enabling it to swim quickly and nimbly through the water.

From a culinary point of view, mackerel is highly prized for its tasty flesh, which is rich in omega-3. Its flesh is firm, fatty and has a distinctive flavour. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamins (particularly B12 and D) and essential minerals such as selenium and iodine.