A combination of prestige and traditional know-how

Hérens Story

Created in 1998, Hérens is the specialist brand for the preparation of smoked fish in the Organic Retail Market.

In the heart of the Anjou region, our master smokers passionately perpetuate their inimitable know-how to offer you top-quality smoked fish. It all starts with a rigorous selection of raw materials. Whether fished or farmed, our fish are certified by agencies committed to respecting resources. This is followed by a succession of methodical steps and precise gestures, guaranteeing you exceptional smoked fish.




We are committed to carefully selecting fish from MSC-certified or organic farms, to guarantee the exceptional quality and flavour of our products.


Our traditional know-how in salting, drying, smoking and slicing fish means we can sublimate their flavours and offer exceptional products.

Preserving marine resources

We are committed to preserving marine resources and respect the fishing seasons to ensure sustainable exploitation of the oceans.

Did you know?

Organic farmed salmon is born in hatcheries and generally spend a year in freshwater before being transferred to open sea tanks.

Throughout its growth, the salmon is fed by human hands with quality feed, made up of a plant-based component that must be certified organic (GMO and pesticide-free) and an animal-based component made up exclusively of fishmeal and fish oil from certified fisheries. The organic salmon farming process is rigorously controlled to guarantee its certification. It is therefore farmed in a way that respects the natural cycle of the fish.

Labels and certifications

Protecting our health and our environment are increasingly important concerns for consumers. That is why we offer products made with organic ingredients to meet our consumers' expectations.
A preferential selection of MSC-certified products from sustainable, well-managed fisheries.