The most precious of the underwater world

Nautilus Story

Since its creation in 1995, Nautilus has been recognized as the specialist brand for canned crustaceans, with a particular expertise in crab, cod liver and glass jar tuna fillets. Nautilus products are sourced from regions renowned for providing the finest seafood, thanks to close collaborations with production units located around the world.

Authentic taste has always been a priority for Nautilus. Thanks to a rigorous selection of the best pieces and a perfect mastery of canning processes, Nautilus products retain their original flavor and freshness.




A rigorous selection of our partners with demanding specifications to offer the best of the sea. We also ensure the traceability of our products thanks to the IFS broker standard.

Preserving marine resources

We are committed to preserving marine resources and respect the fishing seasons to ensure sustainable exploitation of the oceans.

Eco-responsibility of our packaging

Because ecology is our priority, we strive to offer as many products as possible with 100% recyclable packaging, such as our canned.

Did you know?

The edible crab is the best-known crab in France. At Nautilus, we offer the "Metacarcinus edwardsii", a species fished in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile. Its flesh has a fresh, iodized taste.

Its name derives from the oval shape of its shell, with serrated edges reminiscent of a pie.

The edible crab is a detritivore and, more precisely, a scavenger: there is nothing better than fish corpses to attract it. In terms of size, a whole crab can measure between 18 and 30 cm and weigh between 500g and 1.5 kg!

Labels and certifications

A preferential selection of MSC-certified products from sustainable, well-managed fisheries.