Nautilus Collection

The most precious of the underwater world

Nautilus Collection Story

Nautilus Collection is the brand for high-end products fresh and smoked seafood.

Discover unique products, the fruit of Nautilus know-how: fresh, tasty crab, meticulously shelled by hand.

At the heart of our smoking workshop, located in Anjou, our curers use their expertise and passion to work the fish using traditional techniques. We pay particular attention to each stage of the process, to preserve the authentic taste of the smoked fish and offer our customers an unrivalled culinary experience. Our production unit is one of only 5 smokers in France to offer Label Rouge products.

To offer you the very best in quality, we select our fish and shellfish from farms or fishing grounds that meet strict specifications. This traditional know-how is applied to all the products we work with: herring, trout, mackerel, crab, haddock, tuna, pollack, etc.



The taste, a priority

Our high-end fish are meticulously selected to offer premium products and preserve all their flavors. We also guarantee the traceability of our products thanks to the IFS broker standard.


Our ancestral technique is what sets us apart: we master filleting, salting, smoking and slicing to offer you exceptional smoked fish.

Preserving marine resources

We are committed to preserving marine resources and respect the fishing seasons to ensure sustainable exploitation of the oceans.

Did you know?

Scottish salmon is a fish renowned for its exceptional quality and taste. Here are some interesting facts about this iconic fish:

Traditional farming: Raised in fish farms along the Scottish coast, it benefits from the pure water of rivers and lochs.

Strict regulations: The Scottish salmon industry is subject to strict regulations to ensure optimum farming conditions.

Healthy feed: The salmon are fed on natural feed, giving them a distinctive flavor and a high content of health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids.

Traceability: Each fish can be traced from its farm to the consumer's plate, guaranteeing the origin and quality of the product.

Labels and certifications

Protecting our health and our environment are increasingly important concerns for consumers. That is why we offer products made with organic ingredients to meet our consumers' expectations.
A preferential selection of MSC-certified products from sustainable, well-managed fisheries.
A selection of ASC-certified products from environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture with traceability.
Some of our smoked salmon are Label Rouge certified, ensuring a higher level of quality than other similar products and therefore better taste.